Garba @ SO

On the doctor day we decided to organize an event which help create an awareness about the quality of life which comes out of their joint replacement surgery. An event for staged where patients joint replacement was done 6 months, 1 year, 2 year or 3 years before.

They performed live dance performance. They staged garba dance in front of 400 audience. This was very well appreciated. The event coordinator orthopedic surgeon dr. Aashish Sharma told the reporters that this event was organized mainly to clear the misconceptions prevent in the society and among the patients about the success of joint replacement surgery. Seen the patients dance and have fun will help clear all these doubts and build up confidence in patients to get back their rhythm of life. Vimala Sharma was awarded as best dancer, by Mr.Yogendra Durlabhji Secretary SDMH trust.

Mrs. Sharma said that her passion in life was dance but because damaged joints she couldn’t fulfill her dancing hobby. So she decided to go undergo both replacement. After getting convenienced that she will be able to dance after the operation, now she is dancing and enjoying life and won the best dancer award. 77yrs old Nirmala Sharma said, she has danced first time in her life and both her knee were replaced one and half years back. Similarly 76 yrs old golfer Madhukar chaturvedi said, he could not play golf because of damaged knees for five years. But after knee replacement surgery he is able to fulfill his passion for golfing. And enjoying life fully.